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Caregiver Agreement


+1 310-684-3936


21151 South Western Ave. Torrance, CA, US 90501

21151 S. Western Ave., Torr. CA 90501
Cell Phone: (562) 202-8966
Office: (310) 684-3936

Caregiver Agreement

Our primary goal at QIHC is to provide first-rate service to our clients and improve their quality of life.
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Communication standards:

  • Caregivers will listen to the client to understand their immediate and long-term needs QIHC for awareness and updating information
  • Caregivers will serve as companions in some cases and will listen to any of the clients’ concerns during care hours
  • We will only speak with positive and encouraging words to clients
  • At no time will caregivers share overly personal information with clients, or burden them with negative aspects of any kind

Business standards:

  • Scrub tops will be worn by caregivers during care hours
  • Caregivers will limit the time spent on cell phones so they can pay attention to clients
  • All caregivers must report changes in their schedule a minimum of two weeks in advance to ensure clients will be properly cared for
  • All employees will be held to a three-strike policy, where upon their third infraction of this agreement they may be terminated
  • No shows or other extreme infractions will result in immediate termination